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Creating with heart, driven by passion.


Hello There!

I’m Emily Cortes, a graphic designer and illustrator whose journey began in the lively city of Cali, Colombia, known globally as the Salsa capital. The rich colours and spirited culture of my Colombian heritage are not just a source of pride; they are the heartbeat of my creative identity.

Moving to Toronto, Canada, at the age of 23 marked a pivotal chapter in my life. It was more than a geographic shift it was a leap of faith, a testament to the confidence I had in my dream and my abilities. Toronto’s diverse tapestry has offered me a canvas to further paint my story, allowing my design skills to blossom in an environment that celebrates diversity and creativity.

My path in graphic design and illustration has been greatly shaped by self-love and the confidence to embrace my unique perspective. These values have empowered me to experiment boldly with colors and shapes, to weave emotion into my designs, and to approach each project not just as a task, but as a piece of my story.

I have a special affinity for visual identity and illustration, and my recent venture into packaging design has been a thrilling expansion of my creative repertoire. The challenge of merging functionality with beauty in packaging resonates deeply with my philosophy of finding harmony in design.

Self-love has taught me to trust in my creative instincts, while confidence has encouraged me to push boundaries and explore new horizons in the world of design. Every design I create is a reflection of this journey, a blend of passion, resilience, and the courage to be authentically me.

Welcome to my space, a space where self-expression meets art, and where each design is a celebration of the journey that brought it to life. Let’s create something beautiful and meaningful together!


Thanks You!
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